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For years people have been asking the Swami if he has any "disciples" and for years the Swami has insisted that he has no followers because he gets paranoid when he thinks he is being followed. Nonetheless, he has been looking for ways to encourage and empower others to practice the ancient art of Foo Ling -- using laughter as a tool to enlighten up their own lives, and the lives of those around them. And one of the best ways to multiply healing laughter is to celebrate those moments when laughter leads to breakthrough -- what the Swami calls moments of Fool-Realization.

You know, the times we find ourselves laughing at our situation in spite of it all, those embarrassing moments where we realize God is laughing so hard we would be fools not to join in. Sometimes the Universe will create a farce-field just for our benefit, and we remember that life is a situation comedy and we are just having an episode.

Says the Swami:

"You know, for years I taught Absurdiveness Training, and at the end everyone received Absurdification from the Swami. Well, I have decided to reinstitute that policy. If you've ever been struck by enlightening and became fooly-aware, committed a random act of comedy that contributed to someone else's fool-realization, or otherwise added to the laugh force on the planet -- you are absurdifiable!"

Now you can tell the whole world -- and remind yourself with playful certificate suitable for framing that indicates you have been officially Absurdified by the Swami. Put this in a prominent place. Then, whenever irregularhilarity strikes, use it as a reminder that you have had a moment of fool-realization. And you know what? You are still the same fool you were then. All you have to do is realize it, and you are fooly-realized once again."

Even if you can't recall a moment of fool-realization or haven't committed a memorable random act of comedy doesn't mean you aren't qualified as a fool. You are, and we can prove it!

To get your absurdification as a bona fide fool from the Swami, all you need to do is click here and we'll send you an attractive certificate -- including Swami's Seal of Approval -- by email as a pdf for you to print. And it is just $8.00.

You are pre-qualified. Anybody who would pay money for this certificate is already foolish. So you've earned it, you deserve it, so act now!

Remember, any money spent on foolishness can't be spent on anything serious, and as you already know seriousness is one of the major causes of truth decay on the planet.

"Seal of Approval" illustration by Brian Narelle



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