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The FUNdamentalist HUMANifesto
Credo of the RIGHT-TO-LAUGH Party
"One big party, everyone is invited ... All for fun, and fun for all"

We believe that every born feed-us has the right to laugh, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, unless of course happiness is a warm gun, in which case some restrictions may apply.

We have the right to laugh at our leaders, particularly those times when their actions are either seriously foolish or foolishly serious. We have the right to help them laugh with each other and at themselves, and if they're incapable of doing that, we have the right to laugh them out of power.

We have the right to laugh at the obscene foolishness of spending so much of our precious livelihood on weapons of deadlihood, and at the utter absurdity of doing the same things that haven't worked in the past -- and expecting them to work in the future.

We propose creating the office of Supreme Court Jester to encourage citizens to use the light of laughter to illuminate the shadow, especially those poorly lit corridors of power.

We seek to extend this Right to Laugh all across the globe, especially places where things just aren't funny.

We propose that the United Nations and all levels of government begin each session with the Hokey Pokey. You put your whole self in … that is commitment. You pull your whole self out … that is detachment. You turn yourself around, and that is transformation ... and that's what it's all about!

Join the Right-To-Laugh Party Now!

We believe the problem is serious ... but the solution is humorous. It's a scientific fact. The best way to overcome gravity is with levity. So all those who want to take a vow of levity ... Please Rise!

Put your hand on your jocular vein and recite the Right to Laugh Pledge: "All for fun ... and fun for all!"

Congratulations! You have now joined farces with the pro-laugh movement to raise the laugh-force and increase laugh-expectancy on this amazing planet.

May we all wake up laughing, and leave laughter in our wake. For truly the FARCE is with us.


NOTICE. Although we are enthusiastically pro-laugh, we are pro-choice as well. We respect each and every individual's right not to laugh. If you want to be miserable, go right ahead. Whatever makes you happy.


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